Feng Shui Cranes (風水鶴), Niue, 2013, 31g

July 3, 2013 1 By SCS



  • Cranes – the prince of all birds and a messenger of heaven. A symbol of inspiration, freedom, longevity, peace and new opportunity
  • 鶴象徵靈感,自由,長壽,和平和新機遇
  • The bird looking upwards signifies authority and one who can see everything
  • 鶴象徵權威,看通世情
  • Aesthetic combination of engraved & colour
  • 銀幣雕刻及顏色完美結合
  • Stylish ‘piano finish’ red box with gold detailing continuing in the style of the Koi packaging
  • 紅色鋼琴面禮盒,送禮大方得體