Mount Emei: the Third Issue of the Series

March 17, 2014 0 By SCS



The China Gold Coin Incorporation has just announced the Mount Emei of the Chinese Sacred Buddhist Mountain Series.  The new set includes gold coins in 1kg, 5oz and 1/4oz and silver coins in 1kg and 2oz.

au_1kg au_5oz au_1-4oz ag_1kg ag_2oz

  1. 1kg Gold Coin: mintage of 200 pcs
  2. 5oz Gold Coin: mintage of 2,000 pcs
  3. 1/4oz Gold Coin: mintage of 40,000 pcs
  4. 1kg Silver Coin: mintage of 6,000 pcs
  5. 2oz Silver Coin: mintage of 60,000 pcs

We will start the booking of these coins very soon.  Stay tuned!