New Coins Coming Soon

January 29, 2014 0 By SCS

Several eye-catching new coins have been released recently around the world.  We will have them in store for pre-order very soon, stay tuned!

Koala Road Sign, Australia, 2014, 1oz


The Koala is indisputably the cuddliest creature in the Australian bush, and so it is with great pleasure that the Royal Australian Mint has chosen this internationally recognised animal to adorn the next coin in its Australian Road Sign series. This design is the second release of a five year series.

Hypericum Tetrapterum, Belarus, 2013, 33.63g


Prehistoric Life: Cretaceous, Austria, 2014, 20g


Evolution (Niobium & Silver), Austria, 2014, 16.5g

1501201444649 1501201444706

Year of the Horse, Great Britain,  2014, 1oz


Year Of The Horse Good Fortune, Tuvalu, 2014, 1oz x 2


and a lot more!