70 Years of Peace in Europe, France, 2015, 22.2g, .900


  • An universal value
  • Part of the European Silver Programme
  • Available in Gold and Silver

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Obverse : the obverse depicts the goddess Europa with star-studded hair flotting in the wind. Dressed with flags, her face stands nxt to flagstaffs representing the different countries joined in the European Union. Twelve circles with the € sign symbolise the twelve stars of the Euopean flag. The word “EUROPA” written vertically gives the series its name. Yeardate and mintmarks appear on the bottom center of the coin.

Reverse : on the coin’s reverse, the dove is drawn in a graphical and modern way. It carries in its beak an olive branch whose branches have been replaced by the 12 stars of the European Flag, symbol of peace in Europe. The 28 countries of the European Union are symbolised by their own ISO code. The Europa Star logo is present on the reverse, close to the dove.

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