Amazing Animals: Emperor Tamarin, Niue, 2015, 17.5g, .999


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In our day-to-day life it is easy not to notice the fascinating world around us. However, we share our planet with really peculiar animal species! One of them, the emperor tamarin, is a small reddish-grey monkey standing out with its amazing looks. Our silver commemorative coin, opening the intriguing series “Amazing Animals”, is devoted to this adorable little creature.

The emperor tamarin is an arboreal primate occurring in South America. Thanks to its bizarre, humorous-looking white moustache the animal was compared to the German Emperor and King of Prussia Wilhelm II (to whom it allegedly bore remarkable resemblance).

Hence the name of the species – the emperor tamarin. Our silver coin devoted to this lovely little monkey will undoubtedly attract the attention of many coin collectors! Thanks to high-end digital printing the image of the tamarin imprinted on the reverse is extremely lifelike. Dark-grey SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS additionally elevate the visual quality of the coin.

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