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“Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes”
Did the Trojan horse really exist? the Greeks were told by the oracle that after nine years of battling for the beautiful Helen of Troy, they would enter the city as winners. However, to achieve their goal, they needed something more than brutal violence and ruthless bloodshed. Although it seems impossible, the legend states that the ruse succeeded and the Trojans pulled the wooden horse into their besieged city. This could be explained by the fact that the steed was a symbol of Troy, and its inhabitants enjoyed the reputation of great horse breeders.

From the poem of Homer we know that when the Trojans fell asleep, Odysseys and his soldiers quietly creeped
out from the wooden construction. The city was engulfed in flames: a slaughter began. Troy was plundered, its people were killed or enslaved. The epic story about the fall of the legendary fortress is deeply ingrained in the European culture. And no matter whether the Trojan horse ever existed – today it remains a universal symbol of deceit, brilliance and wit.

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