Angel of Luck, Niue, 2015, 14.14g, .999


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We believe angels watch over us and help us make right decisions. They are a symbol of virtue and innocence. “Angel of Luck”, opening our new ethereal collection of silver talismans, will bring well-tuned harmony into your life!

Music is fairly said to be the speech of angels. A winged divine creature depicted on our silver coin will attract positive vibrations into your life! Properly strung and played upon, the harp yields so music and gladdens the heart. Our charming silver talisman is elaborately decorated with
colorful digital printing and floral ornaments. A 24-carat gold-plated insert enriching its surface symbolizes spiritual and material wealth. The souvenir is offered in a lovely white presentation case with a feathery lid, resembling the wings of an angel.

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