Australia Remarkable Reptiles: Thorny Devil, Tuvalu, 2014, 1oz


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A glorious example of the Perth Mint’s unparalleled full-colour minting techniques, celebrating one of Australia’s most exotic native creatures, we are delighted to unveil the second release in Australia’s Remarkable Reptiles Series – the 2014 $1 Thorny Devil 1oz Silver Proof!

Sure to follow in the mighty footsteps of the hugely successful 2013 $1 Frilled Neck Lizard 1oz Silver Proof, this eye-catching legal tender release captures perfectly the extraordinary features of the Thorny Devil – also known as the Mountain Devil, Thorny Lizard and Thorny Dragon. Arrayed with a spectacular exterior of defensive spikes, and a master of desert camouflage, the Thorny Devil is a spectacular, distinctively Australian subject for a full-colour coin, and the Perth Mint has created a true masterpiece.

Underpinned by the finest Proof quality, and comprising a troy ounce of pure 99.9% silver, the full-colour appreciation of the Thorny Devil contrasts brilliantly against the lustrous surface of the broad, crown-sized 40.60mm flan.

With the mintage set at just 5,000, and as a must-have for those who have secured the 2013 $1 Frilled Neck Lizard 1oz Silver Proof, there is no doubt that this stunning tribute to the ‘Devil of the Aussie Outback’ will command the attention of collectors across the world.

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