Australian Map Shaped Coin Series: Platypus, Australia, 2013, 1oz


The truly unique platypus is the fourth design featured in the Australian Map Shaped Coin Series which showcases native Australian animals in their natural environment.

The platypus is native to eastern Australia and inhabits freshwater rivers and lakes where it creates burrows for shelter and protection. The platypus has a streamline body and a broad, flat tail covered in a dense, waterproof fur to keep it warm in cold water.

Its duck-like bill is covered with soft leathery skin with sensitive nerves that can detect faint electrical fields generated by the small aquatic animals that they prey on. This electroreception is extremely rare among mammals and enables the platypus to forage for food underwater with its eyes closed.

Previous releases: EmuKookaburra and Kangaroo

Forthcoming releases: Koala and Saltwater Crocodile

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