Britannia Proof, UK, 2016, 1oz, .999


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A one ounce Britannia, struck in fine silver to Proof standard and available in a Limited Edition Presentation of just 4150 coins. In this design by sculptor Suzie Zamit Britannia is a strong figure, proud and patriotic, a warrior but in a protective, peace-keeping way. She represents British liberty and democracy, especially potent in times of national insecurity.

Britannia is the female personification of Britain, embodying the changing ideals and values of our country throughout history. She has often been said to reflect powerful women through the ages, and, in the case of certain British queens, the events and attitudes of their reigns.

The practice of portraying nations as idealised women dates back to the Roman era and, over the centuries, Britannia has developed into a ‘warrior queen,’ wearing a helmet and carrying a shield. During the eighteenth century her image was used to reinforce Britain’s mastery of the seas, and she was seen with her trident for the first time in a design by Conrad Heinrich Kuchler.

Throughout the nineteenth century she embodied the might of the British Empire, a firm and assured figure leading Britain on the world stage, like Queen Victoria herself. Armed and vigilant, modern Britannia continues to symbolise defence and control in a peaceful Britain.

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