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The latest version of Rwandas’ African Ounce series of silver bullion coins, struck by B.H.Mayer in Germany has been revealed. Starting back in 2008, the series started with an extremely limited mintage of barely 5,000 pieces, much like MCI-Mints Benin Elephant coins today. The mintage is certainly higher today, we’re awaiting confirmation, but likely remains below 100,000 units.

Attractive coins, they all basically follow the same format with the Rwandan emblem on the obvrse and a map of Africa on the reverse. The bottom left of the reverse side changes every year to depict a distinctive big African animal. Recent years have included the Cheetah in 2013, and the Impala in 2014. This year is everyones favourite psych cow, the Cape Buffalo. A nice design, fully in keeping with the series. If you like these coins, and we love them here, this seems a great addition.

Ref: http://agaunews.com/2015-rwandan-wildlife-bullion-coin-featuring-cape-buffalo/

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