Butterfly Pendant with SWAROVSKI Elements, Niue, 2017, 10g, 99.9%

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Coins do not have to remain hidden in drawers! Worn as a piece of jewelry, they will be a crowning touch of your stylish look. Our collection of exqui-site silver pendants adorned with intricate embellishments and floral ornaments will attract not only collectors of minted legal tender. This season our newly designed “Butterfly Pendant” will unquestionably enchant all elegant ladies, treasuring out-of-the-ordinary bijou!

Butterflies are a symbol of rebirth, renewal and joy. With their ethereal beauty they remind us how fragile and delicate, but also wonderful our life can be. Charming butterfly perching on a tulip and stretching its crystal wings will be an outstanding gi for your nearest and dearest. It can also be a perfect little reward self-gi for you! Be in vogue and pamper yourself with this lovely eye-catching trinket!

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