Cherry Blossom Globe, Cook Islands, 2017, 1/10 oz, .999


Available in late June/early July 2017

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CIT excels at innovative ideas and creating outstanding modern numismatic collectibles in a quite literal sense. Now, at the Tokyo International Coin Convention 2017, CIT is thrilled to present the first numismatic snow globe!

Celebrating spring time in Japan, the globe appropriately displays not a snowy landscape but the famous cherry blossom known as sakura. Thousands of pink flower petals slowly float and descend onto a charming little silver coin displaying a cherry tree in full
bloom and a couple in embrace celebrating the Hanami festival.

The snow globe itself is produced in Vienna by the Perzy family business who invented the globes in the 19th century. The premium
globes are handcrafted, made of highest quality glass and filled with pure alpine water.

The Cherry Blossom Globe is a marvelous numismatic collectible that takes the viewer on an emotional journey like few other coins ever have. The romantic and ephemeral
nature of the spring bloom and life itself are gracefully presented and make the Cherry Blossom Globe a truly exceptional display

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