Continents: Asia, Niue, 2013, 56g

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  • manufactured from sterling silver – Ag 999
  • unique gift for any occasion
  • original elliptical shape
  • Guaranteed uniqueness limited effort
  • Polish Mint Certificate of Authenticity
  • offered in an elegant box dedicated for this coin
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Mint of Poland is happy to present a coin with a unique series of “Continents” coin with images of the most famous architectural structures in Asia, was created 
to expose the rich tradition of this beautiful continent. Coin impresses attractive styling and exceptional kunsztownością. Its original shape, unique themes, low effort and execution of sterling silver, making it a memorable gift and pride of any collector.

Let yourself be surround the magical aura of Asia …

In the upper part of the coin – Map of Asia. Here, along the rim – subtitles: CONTINENTS (series name in English), ASIA (the name of the continent in English). Below – images of famous Asian tourist sites: Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, Burj Halifa 
and Himeji Castle.

In the central part of the coin – the image of a globe and telescope. 
Below – an attempt to silver Ag 999 On the left – a miniature profile portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. In the background – the image of the world map. Along the rim – subtitles: 2 DOLLARS (face value), m / w (mark coin), ELIZABETH II (Elizabeth II), NIUE ISLAND (issuer), 2013 (year of issue).

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1 review for Continents: Asia, Niue, 2013, 56g

  1. Lisa

    買左Europe 當然要買 Asia 啦

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