Doctor Who Monsters: Daleks, Niue, 2014, 0.5oz



Doctor Who is currently the longest running and most successful science fiction television series of all time.
Produced in Great Britain by the BBC, the programme depicts the adventures of a time travelling, humanoid alien known as the Doctor.

The Doctor first encountered Daleks on the radiation-soaked planet of Skaro, waging war with the peaceful Thals.
The Daleks were the mangled and mutated remains of the Kaled people, placed in metal war machines by the Kaled’s chief scientist Davros.
Pursuing the Doctor across space and time, the Daleks invaded Earth, developed the Reality Bomb and tried to imprison the Doctor in the Pandorica.

This coin set has been developed in collaboration between BBC Worldwide Australia & New Zealand and New Zealand Mint.


This coin face depicts an engraved Dalek, set against a dramatic colour background, surrounded by a finely engraved border design.


Each coin features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Country of Issue- Niue.


This Doctor Who Monsters Series – Daleks 1/2 oz Silver Coin is presented in a classic and sturdy Doctor Who coin case. The inner case sits inside a printed outer packaging, featuring an image of a Dalek. A Certificate of Authenticity is displayed inside the case.

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