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“Domestic Happiness” is a talisman coin dedicated to family values – warm interpersonal relationships and a prosperous household. The words home and family are often used as synonyms, and are associated with warm feelings and attention. When the newlyweds first time step over the threshold of their new home, they hope for a long and fulfilling life together, full of love, mutual respect and care.

Exquisite commemorative coin “Domestic Happiness” will not only say more than a thousand words to wish the newlyweds good luck and prosperity on the wedding day. It will also be a wonderful present for a housewarming party! The design of the coin refers to important stages in our lives: starting a romantic relationship, moving to the new house, giving birth to a child. A symbolic key to domestic happiness is housed in a lovely presentation case in the form of a love padlock. This elaborate souvenir will bring good luck, prosperity and genuine affection to the home of your nearest and dearest!

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