Endangered Animal Species: Amur Leopard, Niue, 2014, 17.5g


  • made ​​from sterling silver – Ag 999 
  • embellished digital print and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
  • attractive design
  • unique Guaranteed low effort – 2,000 units
  • legal tender in New Zealand
  • Offered in an elegant case designed exclusively coins
  • Polish Mint Certificate of Authenticity

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The Mint of Poland is proud to present the subsequent coin from the series “Endangered Animal Species”, which is dedicated to the Amur leopard. This unique coin reminds us how fragile is the beauty of animals being on the verge of extinction. Classified as critically endangered, the Amur leopard – one of the biggest wild cats in the world – is native to the Primorye region of southeastern Russia. This fearsome yet fascinating predator with spot-covered fur commands respect with its outstanding beauty. The coin shows the exceptionality of the Amur leopard with its intricate decorations. First of all, the colorful images of the leopards depicted on the
coin are extremely lifelike. The coin is also embellished with a SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal, which imitates a magnifying glass (showing the regional distribution of the species). Besides, it is oered in an original presentation case, pleasantly decorated with the images of Amur leopards.

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