Endangered Animal Species: Hyacinth Macaw, Niue, 2014, 17.5g

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  • made ​​from sterling silver – Ag 999 
  • embellished digital print and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
  • attractive design
  • unique Guaranteed low effort – 2,000 units
  • legal tender in New Zealand
  • Offered in an elegant case designed exclusively coins
  • Polish Mint Certificate of Authenticity

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Mint of Poland presents a coin “Hyacinth Macaw” series devoted to endangered species zwietrząt.

The coin, designed to resemble an unusual czarowności nature and special care that we as a people should bestow endangered species, will have a special position in the collection of every collector.  Genuine coin design complemented by numerous decorative designs will satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs of beauty.

Hyacinth Macaw is the largest and one of the most beautiful birds in the family Psittaciformes.Unfortunately, its size and unusual plumage made it become a frequent target of hunting, which greatly reduced the population of this magnificent species. Today, all over the world live no more than 5,000 individuals Hyacinth Macaws. 

In the central part of the coin – a tree with images of animals – the topics for the series. Above – miniature profile portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the mint mark (m / w). Along the rim – subtitles: ELIZABETH II NIUE ISLAND (issuer), 1 DOLLAR (denomination) to 2014 (year of issue), Ag 999 (attempt of silver).

In the central part of the coin – two multicolored images Hyacinth Macaws. Below – the image of the illustrated map of the place of occurrence of the species. Along the rim – subtitles: ENDANGERED ANIMAL SPECIES (the name of the series), HYACINTH MACAW (name of coin).

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2 reviews for Endangered Animal Species: Hyacinth Macaw, Niue, 2014, 17.5g

  1. Lisa

    雀仔又要買 !

  2. Lin Sir

    請問Endangered Animal Species: Hyacinth Macaw, Niue, 2014, 17.5g這個第一枚跟Endangered Animal Species: Siberian Tiger, Niue, 2014, 17.5g第二枚,各多少錢?寄送至台灣新北市運費要多少?我用PAYPAL付款有需要多付手續費嗎?

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