Famous Love Stories: Paris and Helen, Niue, 2010, 28.28g


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“Paris and Helen” is the third coin from the “Famous Love Stories” series. This collection depicts the lovers whose feelings were so strong to have completely determined their actions, while being so timeless and universal to be remembered forever. Many of them have become the archetypes of romantic love. The series features mythological, literary and historical figures and characters, and through their stories, the various feelings and attributes of love: dedication, devotion, passion, longing and pain. The previous coins presented such a famous lovers like “Romeo and Juliet” and “Samson and Delilah”.

The series becomes numismatically attractive through a unique design and a lettered edge.

In the central part of the coin – the likeness of Anteros, designed based on the Piccadilly Circus memorial in London, also known as the Angel of Christian Charity. Anteros, the younger brother of Eros, was the god of requited and fulfilled love, but also the avenger of scorned and unrequited love. Along the edge, at the bottom, to the left, the inscription: “Niue Island”, and at the bottom, to the right: “1 dollar 2010”.

In the central part of the coin – the image of Paris and Helen, facing each other. Paris is wearing a helmet of the ancient, Greek warrior. On the helmet, an ornament presenting an army, a symbol of the Trojan War. The upper part of the helmet takes the shape of the Trojan Horse. On the rim a repeating inscription: “Paris • Helen” separated by the image of a heart.

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