Good Luck Charms, Niue, 2015, 77.75g, .999


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Four-leaf clover, horseshoe, elephant and ladybird have joined their luck-attracting power on an exceptional silver talisman! Each leaf of a four-leaf clover is believed to represent luck, faith, hope and love. This is why its lucky finder may expect good fortune and happy coincidences. The horseshoe with its ends pointing upwards acts like a little storage container for any good luck that is floating by – it will fill your life with good fortune, too! Maybe the ladybird joined by the elephant with a raised trunk will fulfill your three wishes as well?

Our beautiful souvenir coin “Good Luck Charms” is a great gift idea. Its surface is adorned with lovely floral ornaments and four transparent capsules containing silver filigree inserts. Each symbol of luck is covered with 24-carat gold. The souvenir is housed in an elegant etui in the shape of a frame, accompanied by a specially designed cover featuring four symbols of luck: a four-leaf clover, horseshoe, elephant and a ladybird.

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