Historical Maps of Poland: Poland of Casimir III the Great, Niue, 2014, 31.1g


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“Historical Maps of Poland” is the series in which we present the borders of Poland changing over the centuries. The second coin from this remarkable collection depicts the shape of Poland during the reign of Casimir III the Great.

The main feature of the coin is its extraordinary design – a mirror-like surface shows lands which were joined to Poland during the reign of the king. This unique project is an example of high innovativeness in mint art. However, above all, it is a fragment of our history melted into pure silver.

• The perfect gift for each and every lover of history
• Minted in .999 fine silver
• The unique irregular-shaped design
• Embellished with digital printing
• Its uniqueness is guaranteed by the low mintage
• An attractive packaging which harmoniously goes with the coin’s design
Beata Kulesza-Damaziak

Up till now in the series has been issued the ‘Poland of Boleslaw Chrobry’ coin.

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