History of Polish Stamps: 10 kopecks 1860, Niue, 2013, 28.28g, .999 (Yellowish)



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The silver collector coin inaugurating the “History of Polish Stamps” numismatic series with the image of the first Polish postage stamp – 10 kopecks 1860.

On the reverse – the image of the postage stamp depicted in multi-coloured pad printing technology. Additionally – historic envelopes and a postmark from 1860.

On the obverse in the central part of the coin – an image of a 19 -century mail cart. In the background – the outline of the Polish Kingdom’s borders. To the right – the name of the series in English.

Each coin is packaged in a stylish case dedicated to this product. The edge of the coin is serrated, referring to the perforation of the stamp’s borderline.

The second coin in the series will be issued in September of 2013.

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