Imperial Faberge Eggs: Bay Tree Egg, Niue, 2012, 56.56g


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The Mint of Poland offers a series of collector coins dedicated to the exceptional Tsar’s Fabergé Eggs. These jewellery masterpieces symbolize extravagance and luxury. Designed by Peter Carl Fabergé and his assistants for the Russian tsars, Alexander III and Nicholas II, the eggs were made of gold and silver embellished with enamel and gemstones.

Until now the following coins have been released:  “Coronation Egg”, “Lily of the Valley Egg”,  “Clover Leaf Egg”,  “Duchess of Marlborough Egg” and “Pansy Egg”. The sixth coin of the collection is “Bay Tree Egg” presented by the emperor Nicholas II to his mother, the dowager empress Maria Feodorovna at Easter 1911.

At the bottom – open Spring Flowers Egg (1899-1903) with a miniature basket of wood anemones inside. Above – the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with the mint’s mark (m/w) and the inscription “ELIZABETH II” below. Around the Queen’s effigy – decorative neorococo scroll ornament. At the top – the issuer’s name: NIUE ISLAND. On the right – a nominal value of the coin (2 dollars), on the left – year of issue (2012).

In the central part – the stylized image of the original “Bay Tree Egg” decorated with four rosy Swarovski crystals. At the top, along the edge – the name of the series in English: IMPERIAL FABERGÉ EGGS. In the background – the floral ornament.


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