Kiwi, Niue, 2014, 2.5oz


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The Mint of Poland is delighted to present the exquisite collector coin “Kiwi”, depicting the statuette of the Kiwi.

Thanks to the magnificent design, high relief, selecting gilding and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS decoration, this spellbinding coin will be appreciated by each and every coin collector.

The wonderful craftsmanship of the coin, which symbolizes extravagance and luxury, will satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs of mint art.

The Kiwi Statuette was fabricated within 1899-1903 under the supervision of the most prominent workmaster in the House of Carl Faberge – Michael Perchin.

The corpus of the figurine was carved in agate which is a reflection of the early 18th century Russian fashion for objects made of semi-precious stones.

The legs and beak are made of gold while the eyes are manufactured of rubies giving them a realistic look.  The statuette is considered as one of the most remarkable works of Faberge.

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