Man’s Best Friends: Devon Rex, Niue, 2016, 17.5g, .999


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Thanks to the use of high-end digital printing the tawny Devon Rex featured on the coin’s reverse looks extremely lifelike. The collectible is adorned with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals gleaming with a beautiful shade of the desert sand.

Did you know?

It is believed that the protoplast of the Devon Rex family was Kirlee – a curly-coated cat with a dog-like temperament which was walked on a leash and waggled its tail.

  • great gift for all cat lovers!
  • minted in .999 sterling silver
  • decorated with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS state-of-the-art digital printing
  • limited mintage – only 999 pcs!
  • specially designed presentation case featuring an adorable Devon Rex

The DEVON REX is a recently recognized cat breed developed in the 1960s in Devonshire, England. First representatives of the breed have been shown at a cat exhibition in 1965, whereas as soon as in 1967 the Devon Rex was already registered by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy organization. The most prominent features of a Devon Rex include its petite body and large, low-set ears thanks to which it is often called an ‘alien cat’. These kittens have almond-shaped, wide-set eyes and a soft, short and curly coat. Curly whiskers are yet another striking feature of their appearance. Devon Rexes are loyal and very attached to their owners. It is probably the only existing cat that shows its joy by waggling its tail.

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