Maori Art Kora, New Zealand, 2013, 1oz



The 2013 Māori Art Coin celebrates the koru as an integral part of Māori art and culture, and as a symbol of renewal. The koru is represented in the unfurling silver fern frond, which will grow into a rauponga. The surrounding artwork represents the domain of Tāne Mahuta, the God of the Forest. Tāne is depicted through a series of koru patterns and is watching over his domain – in which countless piko will grow into established ferns.

The intricate design features the koru and rauponga beautifully engraved with three-dimensional relief, giving the coins incredible depth and dimension. The depiction of Tāne Mahuta contains striking contrasts between the frosted koru and the polished background – resulting in visually powerful coins that are not to be missed.

The coin is housed within a container featuring a specially designed mangopare (hammerhead shark) pattern and it makes for a memorable gift.

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