Masterpieces of Renaissance: Mona Lisa, Niue, 2015, 28.28g


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Numismatics always remain an area of enormous artistic potential. The Mint of Poland appreciates art and much attention is given a painting. This time we would like to introduce another commemorative coin from the series “Masterpieces of the Renaissance”, dedicated to the most famous image of all time – “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci.

The subtle gradations of shades and colors, restrained colors, mirrored surface of the canvases – all these elements combine in the works of Leonardo da Vinci in perfect harmony. The pinnacle of the art of painting is a portrait of a master of the Florentine merchant’s wife Lisa del Giocondo. The refined lady dressed in an elegant, simple dress is portrayed on the background of a mountain landscape. The model impresses with its ethereal, mysterious smile. Mona Lisa was presented as an exemplary spouse and a woman full of virtues, as evidenced by laying her hand. A large aspect ratio may indicate high social aspirations of the Giocondo family.

  • a miniature reproduction of the Renaissance masterpiece immortalized in pure silver!
  • Bilateral selective gold plating referring to the original picture frame
  • decorating high-quality digital printing
  • beautifully designed package in the shape of an elegant frame

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