My Love, Belarus, 2011, 28g


  • made of sterling silver 925
  • beautiful design
  • technology behind the punch mirror
  • Guaranteed uniqueness limited effort – to 15 000 units
  • Polish Mint Certificate of Authenticity
  • legal tender in the Republic of Belarus
  • offered in a double pouch can be divided into two parts

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The unique coin for lovers.

  • stunning styling, supreme craftsmanship and numerous decorations make it a perfect gift for the loved one heart.

In the central part of the coin – the image of the “tree of love”. On the branches – decorative elements in the form of hearts. Around – subtitles: MY LOVE (in Polish), МАЁ КАХАННЕ (Belarusian), МОЯ ЛЮБОВЬ (Russian), MY LOVE (English language). In the upper part of the coin – the coat of arms of the Republic of Belarus. Along the rim – subtitles: РЭСПУБЛIКА БЕЛАРУСЬ (Republic of Belarus), 2011 (year of issue), 20 РУБЛЁЎ (denomination), Ag 925 (attempt of silver). 

In the central part of the coin – the image of love cats. Along the rim – stylized motifs. In the upper part – inset with a pink heart-shaped corundum.  

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