Nature’s Eyes: Amur Leopard, Congo, 2013, 2oz



Eyecatcher of the Year
This coin not only stands for up-to-date minting technology and quality, it also brings back the elegance to the numismatic world with a classical design. Centerpiece of the coin is the eye of the animal, which is applied and enriched in an innovative technique.

Amur Leopard
The Panthera Pardus Orientalis is a subspecies native to Russia, China and Korea. However, nowadays only 20 to 25 animals live in the wild, mainly in the eastern part of Russia. Around 160 leopards live in captivity, making the big cat one of the most endangered carnivores of the world. Amur leopards differ from other leopards by a thick coat of spot covered fur. They show the strongest and most consistent divergence in pattern.

Eyeball to Eyeball with nature
The eyes are often quoted as mirror to the soul, whether human or animal eyes. Nature’s Eyes not only convince with spectacular designs but also tell the fate of endangered species. The Amur Leopard is the prelude to one of the most interesting coin series of the last years.

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