Nature’s Eyes: Bubo Bubo, Congo, 2014, 2oz


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Continuing the Successful Coin Series

In 2013 the coin series Nature’s Eyes started with the Amur Leopard, a coin that was sold out in no time. It is already thought to be one of the most beautiful animal coins of the last years.  Now, in early 2014, the longingly expected second coin is issued: Nature’s Eyes – Bubo Bubo. Just like the first issue, this coin fascinates with the perfect illusion of a real eye, masterly accomplished through an innovative technique.

Eurasian Eagle-Owl

The Eurasian Eagle-Owl (Bubo Bubo) is a species of eagle owl resident in Eurasia. The Eagle Owl is a very large and powerful bird, smaller than the Golden Eagle but larger than the Snowy Owl. It is referred to as the world‘s largest owl. The great size, bulky, barrelshaped build, ear tufts and orange to bright red eyes make this a distinctive species. The Bubo Bubo is extinct or endange-red, mostly because of agriculture destroging their natural habitats.

Eyeball-to-Eyeball with Nature

The eyes are often seen as mirror to the soul, whether human or animal eyes. Nature’s Eyes not only convinces with spectacular de-signs but also tells the fate of endangered species. Feel the fascination of the Eurasian Eagle-Owl with this second coin of the series.

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