Platinum Wedding, United Kingdom, 2017, 5oz, 99.9%

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A Silver Showcase That Celebrates the Past and Looks to the Future

The Queen and Prince Philip have travelled the world together, visiting around 120 countries during their 70-year marriage. This often meant they had to leave their children at home and experience their adventures as a couple, strengthening their support of, and sense of loyalty to each other. Today, most of their overseas duties, along with decades of experience, have been passed on to the younger generations – the royal couple’s children and grandchildren.

The gradual handover of responsibilities sees the royal couple looking to the future. This is reflected in a new combined portrait created by artist Etienne Millner, which features on the obverse of this 65mm fine silver Proof coin. On the reverse, a design by experienced coinage artist John Bergdahl depicts the heraldic lineage of the two families that became entwined when the couple married.

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