Prehistoric Beasts: Protoceraptos Andrewsi, Mongolia, 2019, 3oz, Silver .999


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Locked in an eternal battle – one of the world’s most significant and famous fossils shows a Velociraptor attempting to prey on a defensive Protoceratops. The dynamic scene frozen in time was unearthed in the rich Mongolian fossil beds. CIT’s new Prehistoric Beasts series portrayed Mongolia’s most popular dinosaur, the Velociraptor, in 2018. Followed up by the herbivorous Protoceratops, the two coins are a wonderful set and representation of life in Cretaceous Mongolia.

The specifications are kept unchanged at 65 mm diameter and three ounces of fine silver. The red-rock finish resembling the fossil matrix of the rust-colored Mongolian earth once again forms the backdrop to the detailed fossil struck with smartminting technology. Rim and edge of the coin are again struck to mimic rock. Numismatists and paleontologists will find the Mongolian Prehistoric Beasts series a fascinating gift and collectible.

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