Prehistoric Life: Cretaceous Life on the Ground, Austria, 2014, 20g


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The dinosaur’s remains were discovered in a coal mine south of Vienna in 1855 by geologist Eduard Suess and palaeontologist Ferdinand Stoliczka, along with those of a pterosaur and a raptor. These are shown on the coin‘s obverse above the timeline, which both links the coin to the other four geologic periods explored in the series and provides a sense of continuity. The coin’s reverse is illustrated with a typical landscape from the period, in which a zalmoxes protects its eggs from a hungry struthiosaurius austriacus.

Struck in Proof quality only to a maximum mintage of 50,000, the coin comes in both our Classic packaging option with information about the prehistoric period, as well as our Discoverer edition, which features a wealth of extras.

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