Prehistoric Life: Jurassic Life in the Air, Austria, 2013, 20g


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The Rhamphorhynchus, whose skeleton is on display today at the Natural History Museum Vienna, dominates this marvellous 20 euro silver coin’s obverse as it did the prehistoric skies, with its long tail, snout and wings. Below it the creature’s fossil, as well as the timeline, a recurring element that cleverly binds the wholes series together, are also shown. A typical aquatic Jurassic landscape is shown on the coin’s reverse in which a pair of Rhamphorhynchus is pictured among ferns hunting a giant dragonfly in the foreground. Struck in Proof quality only to a maximum mintage of 50,000, the coin comes in both our Classic packaging option with information about the prehistoric period, as well as our Discoverer edition, which features a wealth of extras.

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