Qianlong Chinese Porcelain Vase, Niue, 2016, 17.5g, .999

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It is diicult to believe that a simple house clearance could change the life of an ordinary London family. No one could expect that a porcelain vase would prove to be the most expensive objet d’art ever found on the market. The piece of Chinese porcelain was sold at an auction for 83 million dollars, creating an astonishing fever of excitement shortly thereaer! The experts claim that the vase dates back to the XVIII century and was manufactured for the Qianlong emperor of the Qing dynasty. At the time of his reign, the Chinese porcelain art reached its pinnacle. The astonishing masterpiece – the Qianlong vase – is depicted on the presented coin. This one-of-its-kind collectible is the result of combining the craftsmanship of the largest porcelain factory in Europe (creating earthenware for monarchs and heads of state around the world) with the experience of one of the most technologically-advanced mints in the world.

Creation of a miniature vase is a big challenge. The gauntlet was picked up by a Polish porcelain factory in CMIELÓW. Suice is to say that the factory was a runner-up in a prestigious contest 7 NEW WONDERS OF POLAND. The unique decorative motif of the vase – a perforated outer wall pattern – was etched onto the coin’s reverse. In addition to this, the collectible features a Chinese dragon – a symbol of strength, vitality, power and wealth. Thanks to superb decorations, beautiful design and meticulous attention to detail this outstanding masterpiece has already become an object
of desire of numerous coin collectors around the world!

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