Shades of Nature: Bee, Cook Islands, 2014, 25g

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  • Very fine details through latest micro minting
  • Featuring SeQrySign
  • Partially gilded

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Laser technology has become an indispensable tool in numerous branches of industry and is ideally suited to create intricate detail and matt finish on metal surfaces. We strikingly demonstrate the possibilities of laser surface refinement on our newest release – the Shades of Nature Honey Bee.

Bees are pure herbivores and sustain themselves almost exclusively on sweet nectar. They collect albuminous pollen as nourishment for their larvae. Some species even set aside food reserves so that the whole bee colony is able to survive during food shortage periods.

Only the female bee has a venomous sting which is also called its defence thorn. During the course of evolution this tool developed from the egg laying organ. The sting is used to lay eggs, as well as for defence purposes. The bee’s ecological importance is immense since it not only produces tons of honey, but is also the most important pollinator worldwide. Therefore, the continuing depletion of the bee population could have serious consequences for mankind. Not only biodiversity but also our successful harvest is therefore endangered. According to calculations, the reduction in bee numbers could lead to annual financial losses of billions of Euros.

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