Shades of Nature: Hummingbird, Cook Islands, 2017, 25g, .999

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Shades of Nature, now in its fourth year, leaps from the water into the air with the 2017 hummingbird.

Akin to the previous issues, the relief comes to life by means of masterful precision laser engraving accentuating and shading the fine structures in the hummingbird’s iridescent plumage and the fl ower’s petals. The delightful little bird stands out in smartminting© high relief.

Hummingbirds are the smallest birds in the world. The tiny Cuban Bee Hummingbird barely grows larger than the diameter of this stunning coin, yet they are some of the most accomplished flyers able to hover in the air and even fly backwards. This marvel of the neotropics will take the Shades of Nature series to new heights!

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