Shakyamuni Buddha of Bhutan, Bhutan, 1oz, 2015, .999


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A fitting conclusion to the World Buddha Heritage series, the Shakyamuni Buddha from the Kingdom of Bhutan, the issuing country of this coin series, is specially selected to feature in the final coin issue. This magnificent statue of the Shakyamuni Buddha sits atop a hill, overlooking the Southern entrance to Thimpu Valley of Bhutan.

At a towering height of 51 metres, the Shakyamuni Buddha of Bhutan is a bronze statue gilded in gold, seated on a 20m throne under the Buddha Dordenma project. This Buddha statue enshrines a total of 125,000 smaller Buddha statues within the body and the throne. The Urna in between the eyebrows of the Shakyamuni Buddha, also known as the Third Eye, symbolizes the Eye of Wisdom that sees unity. It is made up of 1000 carat diamonds mounted with diamond holders made of 10 kg of 18K gold.

Inspired by the Buddha’s tight ringlets of hair on his head, an intricate pattern of circular ringlets lightly engraved behind the Shakyamuni Buddha forms the background of the coin obverse, representing life between the extremes of indulgence and mortification. Each feature and contour of the Shakyamuni Buddha has been meticulously engraved and artfully gilded to highlight his divine proportions. Coupled with ultra-high, gold-gilded relief on the 1oz fine silver coin, the vivid three-dimensional Buddha smiles faintly with his eyes half-closed.

The victory banner featured on the coin reverse is Gyaltsen – one of the 8 auspicious elements in Buddhism. Gyaltsen signifies the victory of the Buddha’s teachings over death, ignorance, disharmony and all obstacles and negativities. It also symbolizes the victory of good over the evil forces which interferes the success of noble goals.

* Gold gilding with ultra-high relief height that is 2 times the usual relief.
* Coin is striked multiple times using high precision tooling that is specially created to withstand the extreme pressure.

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