Small Treasures: Horseshoe (Gold), Niue, 2015, 1g, .900


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“Horseshoe” is the second coin from our mesmerizing series of gold pendants, bearing the images of the most recognizable symbols of luck. Four-leaf clover, horseshoe, ladybird, and elephant – each and every of these gold talismans will be an outstanding gift for your nearest and dearest! Lucky horseshoe with its ends pointing upwards acts like a little storage container for any good luck that is floating by. Let this small but gentle talisman accompany you wherever you go!
Gold coin pendant “Horseshoe” from our charming series “Small Treasures” was struck with meticulous attention to detail, and will undoubtedly become a highlight of every collection. Worn as a piece of jewelry, it will be a crowning touch of your stylish look! Why not pamper yourself with this eye-catching trinket?

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