Sol Noctis Series: The Binary Eagle, BTC, 2014, 1oz


  • 1 bitcoin cent stored under special holographic sticker
  • 1 oz silver .999 proof
  • Unique eagle design
  • Stylized box
  • Low mintage

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Latin for “Nighttime Sun,” Sol Noctis is the world’s first series of silver proof collectible coins with bitcoin denomination. The first coin of the series got the name of The Binary Eagle. It’s a pure silver coin of proof quality with a built-in 0.01 BTC value that is set to attract coin collectors and bitcoin enthusiasts around the world.

The coin is embellished with a majestic eagle, a symbol of the freedom the bitcoin technology provides. Bitcoin value was attached to the coin by applying a sticker with bitcoin wallet keys printed on it, and protected by a holographic image.

A special technique of E-Beam Nanogram™ was applied to create a hologram with maximum protection against counterfeit. A Private Key, which is needed to redeem the face value, is located under the coin’s protective holographic layer. It is automatically printed and is not stored by the manufacturing company, which means only the owner of the Sol Noctis coin has access to it and thus can realize the face value of the coin at any time.

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