The Eight Horse Silver Bar, Australia, 2014, 2oz


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The Chinese lunar calender is always a popular theme among coin collectors. Many lunar-themed designs are released each year and 2014, The Year of the Horse, is no exception. AGSX is releasing just one lunar commemorative collectible this year, as a grand tribute to 2014, featuring eight coloured horses galloping through a mountainous landscape.

This running horse design is inspired by the traditional Chinese paintings featuring eight horses. Eight is a lucky number in Chinese culture. The eight running horses on this issue symbolise the arrival of good fortune. As one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, the horse symbolises of many positive personal attributes. Those born in the year of the horse are said to be energetic, outgoing and intelligent. In Western culture horses are seen as symbols of power, grace and freedom. As a magnificent example of lunar-themed silver, this silver bar is sure to be a memorable addition to any collection.


This bar features a unique obverse, marking the start of a new era in collectible gold and silver products. The obverse features the XAG denomination and the AGSX Exchange Value hallmark. XAG is the ISO currency code for ounces of silver, just as AUD is the ISO currency code for Australian Dollars. Similarly, XAU is code for ounces of gold. As this product is 2 ounces of silver, its exchange value is 2 XAG (around $40 AUD at the time of writing), which more accccurately reflects its tradeble value when compared to the traditional monetary denominations granted to silver products. AGSX refers to the XAG or XAU value on its products as the Exchange Value.

The obverse also features the AGSX Exchange Value hallmark along with the weight and purity specifications along with the country and the year of issue.


Your purchase of this coin includes a $1.00 donation to Horse Welfare Inc. This important charity is dedicated to supporting the rescue, rehabilitation, re-training and re-housing of Australian horses in need. Located at Glen Oak, in the New South Wales Hunter Valley, Horse Welfare Inc cares specifically for horses. These animals may have been neglected, left behind, forgotten, mistreated or are simply unable to be looked after by their owners.

A large proportion of the animals they currently care for are victims of drought or flooding. The families they come from have suffered significant losses to their land and livelihoods, and are sadly unable to keep their horses. Others come from homes where their owners do not have adequate education about the appropriate care and management of horses. Sadly some horses come to Horse Welfare from situations neglect, abandonment or careless breeding programs.

In addition to caring for animals directly, Horse Welfare is committed to educating the Australian community about ways we can care better for our equine friends and provide greater opportunities for horses in the future. To find out about donating, adopting or supporting Horse Welfare in other ways, please visit


This bar is housed in a framed latex display case with an illustrated shipper. Each item is accompanied by its own unique numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

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