The Oldest Trees of the World Set, Armenia, 2014, 1oz x 4, .999


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Have you ever wondered what’s the oldest tree in the world? The Mint of Poland, inspired by the beauty of natural monuments for thousands of years adorning forests of our planet, is proud to present a new collection of 4 silver coins. The series “The Oldest Trees of the World” has been minted with meticulous attention to detail!

Uncover the mystery of the oldest trees in the world!

Skhtorashen Platanus is a tree growing in Transcaucasia in Southern Armenia. It is more than 2,000 years old, and hence was included in the list of the oldest trees in the world.

Angel Oak Tree is located in the U.S. state of South Carolina. This age-old nature monument is estimated to be up to 1400 years old!

General Sherman Tree grows in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. This 275-feet giant plant is among the tallest and longest-lived trees on the planet. Its bole volume is estimated for 1,487 cubic meters, what corresponds with the tree volume of a 1-hectare spruce forest.

Hundred Horse Chestnut grows in the proximity of Mount Etna. It is generally believed to be 2,000 to 4,000 years old. The tree’s name originated from a legend in which one hundred knights were caught in a severe thunder-storm. The entire group is said to have taken shelter under its limbs.

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