World Buddha Heritage Splendour Silver 9-in-1 Proof Coin Set, Bhutan, .999


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An exceptional 9-in-1 silver round-up set released by the Kingdom of Bhutan commemorates the final issue of the World Buddha Heritage series. The silver set consists of 8 pieces of 1oz 999 fine silver coin and a 5oz 999 fine silver commemorative special, housed in an elegant Stupa display. Also included in the set is the Certificate of Authenticity as well as the heritage information of all the coin designs, collated into mini booklet.

The Stupa-shaped acrylic display is an architectural representation of the Buddhist path to enlightenment. Interplay of transparent and frosting effect on the high quality acrylic and special through-hole coin holding, allows both sides of the coins to be showcased at the same time. Together with ornate silver printed lotus petals lining the base, the entire coin set will make for a classy and decorative display piece for any space.

Each issue of the 1oz silver coin highlights a renowned Buddha statue or Buddhist monument on the obverse to celebrate the rich history of Buddhism around the world. The series features the following Buddhist statues and monuments: Four-faced Buddha of Cambodia, Seokguram Grotto of Korea, Wat Pho of Thailand, Leshan Giant Buddha of China, Mahabodhi Temple of India, Thousand-Hand Bodhisattva of China, Maitreya Buddha of Vietnam and Shakyamuni Buddha of Bhutan. While the coin reverse features the Eight Auspicious Symbols – one symbol for each issue. Each symbol represents an aspect of Buddhist teaching and is believed to bring great blessings to people.

Featured in this stunning 5oz fine silver coin is the spectacular full-body statue of the Shakyamuni Buddha minted with ultra-high, gold-gilding relief of approximately 4.5mm that aptly captures the spiritual essence of the Buddha’s enlightenment to bestow blessings, peace and happiness to the world. The reverse side features the elaborate engraving of the national emblem of the Kingdom of Bhutan and all Eight Auspicious Symbols together.

The 9-in-1 coin set is packaged in a stylish 2 piece packer box with lotus flower motif and emblazoned with glossy hot-stamping lettering of “WORLD BUDDHA HERITAGE SERIES”.

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