World of Your Soul: Faith, Niue, 2015, 17.5g, .999


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“Love”, “Hope”, “Faith”, “Friendship” and “Loyalty” – these are the names of five silver tokens that constitute the extraordinary collection of commemorative coins “The World of Your Soul”. The Mint of Poland is pleased to introduce the third coin from this lovely series – “Faith”.

FAITH can move mountains. Rational arguments or tangible evidence are of no importance when your heart is filled with perfect harmony without a shadow of doubt. Faith is a source of joy; it is a genuine desire for positive changes that gives us strength in our uneasy journey throughout life.

Inspired by faith in God and other people, we become indulgent and forgiving, we tend to be better people. Faith determines our humanity, shapes our inner world, but most of all – it gives the meaning to our lives.

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