Year of the Monkey, Great Britain, 2014, 5oz


  • Traditional Chinese-inspired design and packaging
  • The first UK legal tender Lunar coins by The Royal Mint
  • A full five ounces of our finest 999 silver

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In Chinese ‘Ben Ming Nian’ means Zodiac Year of Birth. In the cycle of the Chinese zodiac, each year is represented by a different animal and people will meet their birth sign only once every 12 years, making it an extra special time for anyone whose animal is in the ascendancy. In 2016, we welcome in the Year of the Monkey, a year said to be energised by its simian ruler, so you might expect fun, mischief and adventure along the way, as the monkey exerts its influence.

Crisply-minted in fine sliver, this elegant coin is finished to our envied Proof standard and makes a wonderful, thoughtful and original gift for anyone born under this sign. The bold red packaging reflects the elemental influence of fire and the coin is presented complete with a fascinating booklet explaining the prominence and importance of the monkey in Chinese culture. This coin makes a fantastic addition for collectors, the perfect gift for anyone born under this sign or to wish someone a prosperous Chinese Zodiac Year.

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