Year of the Monkey, Great Britain, 2016, 1oz


  • Struck in one ounce of 999 fine silver
  • Only 5,888 available in this limited edition presentation
  • Finished to faultless Proof standard
  • This coin is legal tender in the UK
  • Gift good luck or celebrate the wit, charm and energy of those born under this dynamic sign

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Each one of the fascinating animals of the Chinese zodiac rules in turn and so it has been for thousands of years. According to the masters of this ancient art, the characteristics of these creatures combine with elemental forces to energise and influence the events of the year that they govern. Once every twelve years the monkey is in the ascendancy and in 2016, his time has come again. On 8 February 2016 the Year of the Monkey begins and this time it is tinged with fire, promising fun and mischief, adventure and ambition.

Wuon-Gean Ho beautifully captures the freedom and balance of monkeys at play in a design influenced by her Chinese and British descent. Struck in fine silver and finished to enviable Proof standard, the result is a bold coin, elegant and contemporary. With its red packaging, acknowledging the elemental influence of fire and echoing the red envelopes given at Chinese New Year, and informative accompanying booklet it’s the perfect way to wish someone special a happy and prosperous 2016.

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