Year of the Rooster, Macau, 2016, 5oz, .999


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The Monetary Authority of Macau proudly presents the Macau Lunar Coin Collection (2008 – 2019), which is exclusively minted and marketed by The Singapore Mint. The Macau Lunar Rooster Coin, the tenth in this collection is issued in conjunction with the arrival of the 2017 Year of the Rooster.

The obverse side of the coin features the outline of a magnificent rooster, accompanied by blooms of rosy Celosia cristata, also known as cockscomb. The name cockscomb was given to this flower due to its similarity to the comb of the rooster. The rooster’s comb or crown, has the Chinese words ‘雞冠‘whereby its ‘冠’ has the same pronunciation as the ‘官’ from the word, ‘Official’. Therefore, the arrangement of a rooster with cockscomb flowers symbolises career progressions due to the Chinese words, “官上加官”, literally meaning to add another ‘crown’ on top of a ‘crown’.

The reverse side features the St. Dominic’s Church. Located within the Historic Centre of Macau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the church is one of Macau’s oldest historical structures, built in 1587. Today, its bell tower, refurbished into the Treasure of Sacred Art Museum, hosts a collection of around 300 artefacts. A church of both Portuguese and Spanish influences, its unmistakable Baroque style yellow and green façade stands prominently in the heart of Macau’s famous St Dominic’s Square.

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