Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Macedonia, 2015, 21g


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“Cancer” is the twelth coin from the series “Zodiac signs” issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia.

In the centre of the upper part of the coin coat of arms of the Republic of Macedonia. Around the coin inscriptions and symbols: “Republic of Macedonia” (In Macedonian), symbols of the planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, “2015”, “10 denars” (in Macedonian), the hallmark “Ag 925”, symbol of the planets: Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. In the centre of the coin: on the left an image of the sun, on the right an image of the moon, hourglass in the middle.

On the left hand side of the reverse there is a picture of cancer. On the right hand side is a round cobalt glass insert having an Cancer constellation printed on it. At the bottom there is the symbol of the Cancer Zodiac sign printed on the shell and the name of this Zodiac sign in Latin CANCER. The whole composition is surrounded by an ornament composed of shells and seaweed, along the perimeter. Chosen elements of the relief (including the cancer body (partially), Cancer symbol, some shells and seaweed) are gold painted.

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