The Perth Mint February Releases

February 4, 2014 0 By SCS

The following coins are now available for pre-order at SCS store.

Mother's Love: Lioness, Tuvalu, 2014, 1/2oz 3435-gods-of-olympus-zeus-2014-2oz-silver-high-relief-coin-reverse Australian Opal Series: Tasmanian Devil, Australia, 2014, 1oz The Land Down Under: Gold Rush, Australia, 2014, 1oz Year of the Horse Proof, Australia, 2014, 5oz Koala Coloured in Card, Australia, 2014, 1oz

  • Mother’s Love – Lioness 2014 1/2oz Silver Proof Coin
  • Gods of Olympus – Zeus 2014 2oz High Relief Coin
  • Australian Opal Series – Tasmanian Devil 2014 1oz Silver Proof Coin
  • The Land Down Under – Gold Rush 2014 1/4oz Gold & 1oz Silver Proof Coins
  • Australian Lunar Series II 2014 Year of the Horse 5oz Silver Proof Coin
  • Australian Koala 2014 1oz Silver Coloured Coin in Card
  • 2014 ANZAC Day $1 Coin in Card

3435-gods-of-olympus-zeus-2014-2oz-silver-high-relief-coin-reverse 3435-gods-of-olympus-zeus-2014-2oz-silver-high-relief-coin-obverse

The most eye-catching one undoubtedly is the first coin of a new series entitled “Gods of Olympus”. An extremely limited mintage of 1,500, an antique finish and rimless design add to the desirability of the coin.  The 2014 Zeus High Relief 2 oz Silver Coin bears a reverse design by Perth Mint artist Tom Vaughan. In the image, the mythical gold is shown against a stormy sky holding a thunderbolt in his outstretched arm and a scepter behind him. An eagle flies over the rimless design.  Coins ship inside a prestigious Perth Mint wooden display case with a unique round design and a detailed image on its lid. An illustrated shipper and a numbered Certificate of Authenticity are also included.

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