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The 2nd Queen’s Beast The Griffin

英國皇家鑄幣廠鑄造的第二款 Queen’s Beast 二安士普鑄銀幣已上架接受訂購,今次以 The Griffin 為主題,重兩安士,附原廠小圓盒。


The griffin of Edward III Queen’s Beast is an ancient mythical beast. It was considered a beneficent creature, signifying courage and strength combined with guardianship, vigilance, swiftness and keen vision. It was closely associated with Edward III who engraved it on his private seal. The shield shows the Round Tower of Windsor Castle (where Edward III was born) with the Royal Standard flying from the turret, enclosed by two branches of oak surmounted by the royal crown.[2]

The 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II


英國皇家鑄幣局鑄造的英女皇九十歲生辰紀念銀幣現已接受訂購,包括28.28g 及 5oz 版本,SCS訂購價分別為 $800 及 $3,860。


Queen’s Beasts Gold Bullion Coins

Queens-Beast-2016-Gold-1oz-Bullion-Coin-large Queens-Beast-2016-Gold-1oz-Bullion-Coin_2-large

英國的最新普鑄金銀幣系列 – Queen’s Beasts。

Queen’s Beasts 為英女皇加冕時的十隻獸守衛雕塑。雕塑高六英尺。十隻紋章的動物象徵著皇室血統匯聚一起,見證年輕女子即將被加冕成為女王。每個驕傲的野獸,用她的前幾代人去用作紋章徽章,是由亨利八世國王的野獸仍然一線橋在他的漢普頓宮護城河的啟發。現在,雕塑可以加拿大魁北克省博物館中找到。


  1. the lion of England
  2. the griffin of Edward III
  3. the falcon of the Plantagenets
  4. the black bull of Clarence
  5. the yale of Beaufort
  6. the white lion of Mortimer
  7. the White Greyhound of Richmond
  8. the red dragon of Wales
  9. the unicorn of Scotland
  10. the white horse of Hanover


Britannia Silver Proof




今年為新系列的第二年,鑄幣廠推出了一個極具時代感的Britannia女神設計,絕對不能錯過!SCS 現接受訂購1oz及5oz版本,歡迎查詢及訂購。

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The First Birthday of Prince George 2014 UK £5 Silver Coin



The coins struck for the birth and christening of His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge have proved so popular. The silver coins struck to welcome him last year sold out in days. And to celebrate his first birthday we strike a rarely-seen design as a glorious sterling silver Proof crown. The cruciform, or cross-like, version of the Royal Arms was created for Her Majesty The Queen in her Coronation year. It is a traditional design, but with a modern twist. The first coins of The Queen’s reign saw Wales represented for the first time, here with the familiar shields of the Arms divided by floral emblems including the Welsh leek.

It was such a British coin, to be used for important events in The Queen’s reign. But it has been struck only once since, in 1960, awaiting a special occasion ever since. The first birthday of her great-grandson is just such an occasion – a tribute fit for a prince. Your sterling silver coin is finished to our Proof quality to highlight this rarely used, beautiful design. Only 7,500 will be struck – a numbered Certificate of Authenticity attests to this low issue – and the official UK coins struck for the prince have proved so popular that an early order is most highly recommended.

The official 2014 coin commemorating the life and legacy of Queen Anne

_L_UK14QAPF_02 UK14QAPF_01_white


Artistic and cultural advancement, political stability and most notably a united England and Scotland – all achievements of Queen Anne, the last Stuart queen and the first Queen of Great Britain. You can celebrate the life and legacy of this influential woman with a £5 coin struck in her honour. Sculptor Mark Richards FRBS – also creator of the £5 coin struck for the wedding of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – has captured the style and refinement of the Queen Anne period in his eighteenth-century style miniature portrait, recalling an age of elegance. The details of the design gleam in sterling silver with an exquisite Proof finish.

The beautifully illustrated pack that houses this impressive £5 coin has been prepared with the help of The Royal Mint Museum, exploring both Anne’s reign and the fascinating numismatic tales that are still shared with wonder, including the story of how bullion captured from Spanish treasure ships was transformed into what are now very rare coins.

For 2014 The Royal Mint proudly strikes the Queen Anne 300th Anniversary £5 Coin to celebrate the first queen of Britain and the last Stuart queen. The intricately detailed design by Mark Richards FRBS is magnificent on this double-thickness coin, its details enhanced by The Royal Mint’s unrivalled Proof finish. Your coin is housed in an attractive case with a booklet produced with the help of the Royal Mint Museum. Act quickly for only 2,014 of these imposing coins will be available in this presentation.

The Portrait of Britain Collection Pre-order

The Portrait of Britain Collection, United Kingdom, 2014, 28.28g x 4

前天介紹的 The Portrait of Britain Collection 已經接受訂購,訂購價為$4,100,比官網優惠15%,優惠只限此次預訂,萬物錯過!

The Portrait of Britain Collection is now available for pre-order at $4,100, 15% off compared to the official retail price. Don’t miss the chance.

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The Portrait of Britain Collection

[box]英國皇家鑄幣局全新項目,以水彩彩繪手法展現英倫地標大笨鐘,白金漢宮,倫敦塔橋和特拉法加廣場。銀幣由為 Laura Clancy 及 Glyn Davies 設計,他們的設計有一種寫意的感覺,以遊客的視野,模糊的筆觸,描繪當時的天氣,人群和位置。用上三色移印技術,突出主體的線條及立體感,同時所用的顏色令人感受到倫敦的潮濕天氣。 套裝附有一本小冊子揭示了每個地標背後的故事,也紀錄了設計師的設計靈感,喜愛英國文化的朋友要密切留意啊。[/box]

_L_BISET1_02 _L_BISET1_03 _L_BISET1_04 _L_BISET1_05

The Royal Mint is proud to introduce the Portrait of Britain Collection, celebrating four world-renowned British landmarks on four eye-catching, crown-sized, silver £5 coins. The intricate details of each design have been highlighted with The Royal Mint’s premier Proof finish, whilst trichromatic colour-printing gives the coin designs an impressionist quality. Unlike other mementoes or souvenirs of the nation, the coins in this set are official United Kingdom coins.

The Royal Mint engravers Laura Clancy and Glyn Davies have captured the spirit of four instantly-recognisable British landmarks – Elizabeth Tower, housing Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and Trafalgar Square. In their designs, each British icon is viewed as though through the eyes of a visitor, seen through passing crowds or rain showers, giving the coins the feel of an impressionist painting.

Glyn Davies, The Royal Mint engraver said: “We visited the landmarks in London, and it struck us that it’s never possible to get an uninterrupted view of them without being obscured in some way by the weather, other tourists or even their location. On returning we drew up compositions and added a wash of watercolour.

The Royal Mint engraver Laura Clancy continued: “Our coins are not a literal representation but express the transient effects of light and colour on a location.  Throughout the process, we have been aiming for an impression of the subject, a moment in time – the modelling to convey the place, the colour and treatment of the metal to convey time and mood.

The four-coin set is presented in a stylish Royal Mint presentation case, complemented by a booklet that tells the fascinating story behind each iconic subject. A certificate of authenticity completes the set to confirm it is one of only 3,500 available. All four coins bear the obverse portrait of Her Majesty The Queen by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS – so fitting for a set that also features Buckingham Palace, her official London residence.


The 300th Anniversary of the Death of Queen Anne

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300th Anniversary of Queen Anne 2014 UK £5 Silver Coin

Back at the end of January, the Royal Mint released it’s new gold and silver proof coin sets for 2014. One of the coins in the set has now been released in single coin form and it’s the piece commemorating the 300th Anniversary of the Death of Queen Anne.
Queen Anne was the last of the Stuart monarchs, reigning from 08 March 1702 to her death on 01 August 1714. During her reign the kingdoms of England and Scotland merged under the Acts of Union to form a single sovereign state, the Kingdom of Great Britain.

Anne was born in the reign of her uncle Charles II, who had no legitimate children. Her father, James, was first in line to the throne. His Catholicism was unpopular in England and on Charles’s instructions Anne was raised as a Protestant. Three years after he succeeded Charles, James was deposed in the “Glorious Revolution” of 1688. Anne’s Protestant brother-in-law and cousin William III became joint monarch with his wife, Anne’s elder sister Mary II. After Mary’s death in 1694, William continued as sole monarch until he was succeeded by Anne upon his death in 1702.

Despite seventeen pregnancies by her husband, Prince George of Denmark, she died without any surviving children and was thus the last monarch of the House of Stuart. Under the terms of the Act of Settlement 1701, she was succeeded by her second cousin George I of the House of Hanover, who was a descendant of the Stuarts through his maternal grandmother, Elizabeth, daughter of James VI and I.

The coin has been designed by portrait sculptor Mark Richards and depicts an elegantly decorated cameo portrait of Queen Anne. The reverse carries the usual portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Ian Rank Broadley. There are four versions of the coin available all struck to a proof finish, one in 0.916 (22kt) gold, and three in Sterling (0.925) silver, one of which is gilded with 0.999 gold.

The 300th Anniversary of the Death of Queen Anne

Each coin set is presented in a sophisticated case with a Certificate of Authenticity and a beautifully illustrated booklet documenting the key milestones of Queen Anne’s life.